Making a Difference

The day before yesterday was the official launch day of my blog.  It still seems a bit daunting and scary to me.  I didn’t write yesterday because, well, I was busy getting ready to head back to work (I’ve been on vacation).  I finished up some household projects such as taking down the Christmas tree, the accompanying decorations, and finishing up my church’s annual report.
And if truth really be told, I had writers block.  So soon?  Yep.  In fact, that is one of the reasons I set becoming a better writer as one of my professional goals this year.  I thought that if daily writing became a discipline for me I would get better at it and suffer from writers block less frequently.  I know I just started, but I’m dubious.

I took several classes in seminary from a teacher who was a writer.  She would always give us a writing prompt for the writing exercises we would do in class as well as for our projects and other assignments.  It was a word, a phrase, or even an object to get us started.  It was surprisingly helpful and I sometimes marveled at what those prompts would cause to bubble up within me. 

Today WordPress gave me my prompt.  Since I’m a newbie at all of this they thought I could use one.  Duh.  The prompt was this:  What change would you like your blog to make in the world?  Talk about intimidating.  I’ve always wanted to change the world, but never once have I thought my blog could do that.  I’m still not convinced.  However, it did prompt me to think about the direction this thing might go. 

The other day a colleague, a seasoned blogger, asked if he could link my blog to the site he manages for our association.  I declined.  I did so because as I just stated, I’m not sure the direction this blog is going to take and so I’d rather wait.  I still don’t know where this is going, but what I do know is I have to keep plugging away at this and I’m sure as someone encouraged when I began, I’ll find my voice.  And yes, WordPress, I’d love to change the world.  Thank you for asking.  In the meantime, I have a sermon to write. 

4 thoughts on “Making a Difference

  1. Your voice will be heard and appreciated by many Robin. I know I appreciate and look forward to hearing and contemplating what you have to say. so keep it up. Some of us are hungry to read and hear you!

  2. Robin,
    I also took classes from the teacher you are talking about. I believe she would tell us to keep writing, even if it is about not having anything to write about, and the words will come. Please know that I am reading what you write and I am inspired by your courage to put your thoughts out there in a blog. I have not become that brave. Teresa

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