Robin DeAngelis

Bio: Welcome to my blog. In case you were wondering about me and what I have to say, and I'm assuming you are because you found your way here, let me fill you in. I'm a feminist, wife, mother, grandmother, clergy woman, progressive Christian, and social/ political activist. I am also a fledgling writer. One of my goals this year is to take more risks - the kind of risks that enhance physical, intellectual and spiritual growth. This is my first foray into writing for public consumption. I'm raw. I'm a newbie. Did I mention that I'm terrified? I have a lot to say and I'll say it with as much love and grace as I can. Please feel free to comment. If you disagree, please do so with civility and respect. One of my passions in life is to encourage compassionate living as I see it exemplified in Jesus. That whole peace and love thing? I believe it.

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