Love Train

A love letter to my friends and family:

It began with this post on Facebook this morning.

“Last thought for the night – I see so many people claiming love for LGBT people, and that they voted for Trump because “economy”, “security” or “I hate Hillary”. But I must point out that your reasons for voting don’t matter. Intent doesn’t matter, action does.

If I hit you in the face, because I was reckless swinging the bat and didn’t look to see who it would hit, I am no less culpable, and you are no less hurt.  (emphasis, mine)

This is way beyond “different views”, this is voting to do distinct and measurable harm, and I find that unacceptable.

THIS is why am angry. Either you deliberately chose to vote to harm my child, or you decided that what you felt was in your best interest was worth my kid being told she has no right to fair housing, or protection from firing, or to patronize the public businesses of her choice, or you couldn’t be bothered to understand what you were voting in and went along with the crowd never worrying about who might get hurt because you knew it wouldn’t be you. Either way, I find that astonishing that you now would be professing your “love” for someone LGBT in your life. Trust me, they’re not feeling love from you right now. – Jennifer Stake White.

My friend, Jennifer, exactly echoes the place of my broken heartedness with some additions. I have two children this will effect. Also, I am a two-time victim of sexual assault. So your vote spoke volumes to me about that too. It doesn’t matter that you didn’t know that about me or my kids. You knew it about millions of other people in this country. It is why my children stayed in the closet for so long and why I kept silent about my assault. Not to mention the fear and prejudice against people of color that I love, my Muslim sisters and brothers, I could go on.

I will not hate. But, I will also not tolerate complacency and silence, (which is complicity), from my friends OR family. I have seen who has stepped up to comfort and who has NOT and my heart is broken into a million pieces.

I come from a long line of fighters. I will continue to do everything in my power to ensure and keep my promise to those who will hear, especially my children, that Love wins. You are either on that train with me or you are not.

If you choose otherwise, I bless you on your way. Know that I will always love you. Like God’s love, nothing will change that. But if there isn’t room at the table for my children and so many others, there isn’t room for me. We will set another table.

Peace, love and all the grace I can muster.